Never Feed the Trolls!

Report: Trolls can be detected early on – KCTV5.

I’ve been a moderator in various forums online over the years. My number one axiom is ‘Never Feed the Trolls!’

Now there’s a study to back up that assertion and to predict the birth of the next troll.

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Apple Blossoms

I enjoyed my apple tree in full bloom yesterday evening while mowing our side yard.


I took a short break to snap a few closeups of the blooms and the tree:


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How Two Sentences Overturned 200 Years Of Mathematical Precedent

shortest-known paper in a serious math journal

The first comment is super cool.

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Recipe Review: Vermont Whole Wheat Honey Oat Bread

It was raining and thundering this morning.  That means a perfect day to make bread.  I asked Terry what type of bread he would like me to bake and he said ‘honey oat.’  So I went to my favorite flour company (King Arthur Flour) and searched through their recipes for an oat bread.  I landed on the Vermont Whole Wheat Oat Honey bread recipe with 207 reviews and an above four star rating.  I thought I’d made this recipe in the past, so I blithely started dumping the ingredients into the pan of my bread machine.  My first clue that this was NOT a bread machine recipe should have been the two cups of water.  Most bread machine recipes are between one and one and a third cups water with three to four cups of flour.

The light bulb finally went off after I’d boiled the two cups of water. 
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Timelapse Lunar Eclipse Over Downtown Kansas City by Tom Martinez

Published by Tom Martinez, Historian of the Astronomical Solemnity of Kansas City, on Apr 7, 2015

The total phase was not seen from KC since totality occurred after moonset. Crystal clear skies allowed for a nice view of the last sliver of moon, however. Music is “Alive” by Jahzzar,

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CrossBooks Ceases Publishing; WestBow to Publish “Living in the Spirit”


Let me know via a comment if you need a copy of the book.

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cover2CrossBooks, my publisher, will cease publishing and distributing all its titles on April 30.

WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan, will pick up distribution immediately. But “immediately” in the publishing world is not the same as immediately to us. The copyright for Living in the Spirit must re-registered, so the book will gain new ISBN and Library of Congress numbers. This all takes time.

If you have an immediate need for copies, contact me (a comment below will suffice) as I have a couple dozen available at home.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Book Review: The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien (Four Stars)


Great belated addition to the “Big Read” hosted by Lansing Community Library from my uncle.

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Book Review: The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

Four Stars out of Five

A 1990 memoir about Vietnam. A memoir is kind of true and kind of a lie. Boring parts left out, names changed, that sort of thing. Besides a war story is hard to tell straight because, even if you’re there, you’re not always sure what’s happening.

It’s a war story. Not blood-and-guts, though people die. Not heroism, though people are heroic. A very human reflection on a very inhuman activity. O’Brien captures the ambivalence of combat and danger. The bonding of warriors and the dealing with death and destruction.

One casualty of the “all-volunteer Army” is that

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