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Crimes of Education (via Whatever)

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mail asking for my thoughts about Kelley Williams-Bolar, the woman here in Ohio who was recently sentenced to to ten days in prison (of which apparently she served nine) and now has a felony … Continue reading

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Happy 150th Kansas!

My home state turned 150 today.  I live within three miles of the First City in Kansas, also known as Leavenworth, and within ten miles of Fort Leavenworth, first established in 1827.  Except for a dozen years spent in the … Continue reading

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FBCS 2011 Upcoming Reads Montage

February is just four days away. On the first, we start reading Feist‘s the Riftwar Saga series with Magician: Apprentice. On the fifteenth, we will start reading Erikson‘s Malazan Book of the Fallen series with Gardens of the Moon. Both … Continue reading

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The Irresistable Aroma of Fresh Baked Bread

Sunday afternoon, while Terry and Sean practiced in the band room downstairs, I baked three loaves of bread.  My first loaf, baked for my dad who graciously cleared my driveway yesterday, is the ever popular White Sandwich Bread, pictured here: … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Blue Pig BBQ (Ardmore, Oklahoma)

On our return trip from Texas, Saturday, 22 January 2011, Terry and I passed through Ardmore, Oklahoma just in time for lunch.  After cruising through the main drags of the city, we ended up back at the first exit from … Continue reading

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Recovering from Our Mad Dash North Yesterday

We cut short or trip to Texas, visiting our kids in Plano and Denton, due to forecast inclement winter weather for today (Sunday).  We crossed into the Flint Hills at 5:15 pm on I-35 northbound yesterday and reached the Matfield … Continue reading

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And Now, For No Particular Reason, a Rant About Facebook (via Whatever)

Scalzi on Facebook A friend of mine noted recently that I seemed a little antagonistic about Facebook recently — mostly on my Facebook account, which is some irony for you — and wanted to know what I had against it. … Continue reading

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