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Friday Jeans Day Charity: The VFW Foundation

Happy Friday everyone! And a special shout out to our combat veterans and their families. Join me in thanking them by returning the favor and making a donation to the VFW Foundation. We need them, They need us. Advertisements

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Get Your Hot Summer Book Swaps Here

Due to the Ozone Red Alert Warning for today, I’m staying inside and at home today.  This leaves me no excuse but to tackle projects I’ve neglected for weeks if not months.  Overnight I received a BookMooch request to send … Continue reading

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Almost Slipped My Mind to Approximate Pi Today

Today is Friday (always a reason to celebrate in and of itself), July 22nd, 2011.  Better known as ‘Pi Approximation Day‘ in mathematical circles (har har). Why approximately and not definitively?  Because if you divide twenty-two by seven, you get … Continue reading

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eBook Bargains via the Cheap!

Welcome to the Cheap!. Excellent blog, including Twitter feed and several Facebook pages to supply any avid ereader with serendipitous and abundant ebook freebies and bargains.

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Newly Released eBook Edition of SF Classic – The Forever War by Joe Haldeman

Ridan Publishing released late last week an ebook edition of Joe Haldeman’s classic award winning science fiction novel The Forever War.   A must read for any die-hard fan of science fiction, especially the military scifi subgenre. My review, written two … Continue reading

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And the Winner Is . . .

Honor Harrington The poll closed Saturday midnight and, despite close voting, Honor edged out Harry.  In mid-August, Beyond Reality will commence their third series group read.  Join us in the Honorverse next month! Read Stefan’s introductory post for more information.

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Honor v. Harry (Not the Harry Your Thinking Of)

-v- The Beyond Reality group at GoodReads posted a run-off poll this week to decide our next series group read, pitting space opera legend Honor Harrington, created by David Weber, against urban fantasy gumshoe wizard Harry Dresden (no, he’s not … Continue reading

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