Remebering Roxy: Bear-Pig

Derek Teasing Roxy (Aug 2005)

Derek Teasing Roxy (Aug 2005)

I can thank my son, Derek, for coming up with the nickname ‘Bear-Pig’ for Roxy. Back in 2005, Rachelle was a sophomore in high school and Derek attended a local community college but still lived at home.  By then he had moved into the basement (don’t all young adult males thrive in those environs?) and only came up for air when he needed food or to leave for work or school.  I often referred to him as ‘Derek the Destroyer who lurks in the Mossy Catacombs (or Dungeon).’   At that time, Roxy didn’t have a playmate or companion dog to annoy (we would rescue Apollo the following year).

Derek and Roxy in a Stand Off (Aug 2005)

Derek and Roxy in a Stand Off (Aug 2005)

Derek loved to tease and harass Roxy.  She would wait for him at the top of the stairs when she heard him rising up from the basement.  He would lean forward on the stairs from the lower landing so he was eye level with her and start making strange noises at her or  woofing at her.  Roxy replied with her own strange sounds, which reminded Derek of the sounds a bear makes.  He would get her so worked up she would start to lunge at him.  Then he would egg her on more by chasing her into the great room and wrestling with her.  Roxy didn’t stand a chance by then, since Derek is an expert in nearly all forms of grappling – wrestling, judo and jujitsu.

That explains the first part of the nickname ‘Bear-Pig.’  The second half has more to do with Roxy’s typical Rottweiler appetite and the fact that when she sniffed around the house for anything remotely resembling a snack, she sort of looked like a wild pig.  At least she didn’t ‘oink oink’ while she was rooting around for treats.

Click here for a page of memories and photos dedicated to Roxy.


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