Remembering Roxy: Snack Dispensers

Roxy with her purple soccer ball in the backyard (July 2005)

Roxy with her purple soccer ball in the backyard (July 2005)

In a not-so-subtle segue from last week’s post, I continue the story of Roxy‘s addiction to paper products (new or used – she wasn’t a discerning Rottweiler).   She favored paper towels (usually snatching them from the trash as soon as you turned your back), but excelled at sneaking a tissue from a Kleenex box on an end table if she thought you weren’t looking.   For the longest time, we couldn’t figure out why we kept running out of tissues so fast, especially when it wasn’t even cold or allergy season.   We learned to keep the tissue boxes and rolls and cans up out of her reach, just like you would for a human toddler (but with more dangerous household items).  Otherwise, Roxy considered every tissue box (and trash can) her own personal snack dispenser.


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