Remebering Roxy: Mother’s Day 2007

Five years ago, my daughter, Rachelle, wrapped up her senior year of high school.   This year, the day before Mother’s Day, she graduates from college, which is probably the best present a mother could ever receive and I am truly thankful Rachelle persevered, am proud of her achievement and excited for her future adventures and dreams.

Back in 2007, Rachelle spent her senior year creating beautiful art, including a large self-portrait in oils that hangs in our great room next to the fireplace, several 2-D pieces, and another oil portrait of Roxy.  She also received a I rating at the Kansas State Music Festival for her solo.

Roxy and Her Portrait (May 2007)

Roxy and Her Portrait (May 2007)

As a special Mother’s Day gift back in May 2007, Rachelle painted a portrait of Roxy in oil on gesso masonite, using the photograph I took below (in August 2005) as a basis for her painting.  She finished it in just three days.  This photo (below) of Roxy is one of my favorites, and spent months as my Windows wallpaper back in 2006.

Roxy (Aug 2005)

Roxy (Aug 2005)

The portrait of Roxy hangs in a place of honor in my kitchen/dining area and is almost the first thing you see when you walk in my house.

Self PortraitI even managed to include it in an updated avatar profile picture I took with my cell phone.  I spent the rest of that Sunday afternoon updating all my avatars at various social networking sites, replacing the one I had been using (a closeup of Roxy from last fall) with the more recent one you see to the right.  At least this way, people can recognize me and I can still provide a tribute to my favorite ditzy Rottweiler, Roxy.

Today marks the second month anniversary of Roxy’s death.  We still miss her and continue to think about her often.

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