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Harvest Moon Saturday

I woke up an hour later than I normally do, just a bit past six o’clock.  I knew I had a lot of things to get accomplished on this first Saturday of fall.  I looked out the bedroom window and … Continue reading

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Stepping Through September

I started wearing my new pedometer the day I received it, on the third of September.  Almost a month has passed since then, and I’ve enjoyed and been encouraged by the ease and usefulness of it.  I love that it’s … Continue reading

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Product/Service Review: OverDrive Media Console Nook App (Released 9/27/2012)

I can probably retire the post I wrote several months ago.  The one that included a flowchart of how to transfer a library ebook from your computer to your Nook.  I received so many calls from fellow Nook owners about … Continue reading

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Apple Harvest Preservation: Strawberry Jam and Slightly Spicy Sauce

In addition to all the applesauce I created last weekend, I tried my hand at some strawberry jam.  I selected a recipe that used apples as well as strawberries, and a bit of lemon (and lemon seeds).  Here’s a link … Continue reading

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Seventh Planet Star Hop

Star gazing and planet seeking were not on my Friday night list of must do things.  All I really wanted to do was relax after a long stressful work week.  And for the most part I accomplished that goal.  But … Continue reading

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Final Prologue Released Early

Tor announced today the early release of the final Prologue in the Wheel of Time series. Click on the cover at left for more details on where to obtain your copy of By Grace and Banners Fallen.  Spoiler warning, though, … Continue reading

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Before and After Antietam

I arrived promptly at six o’clock at the Central Branch of the Kansas City Public Library, after dropping my vanpool riders off at their after-work destinations.  I found the first floor of the Library nearly abandoned.  I reviewed the signage … Continue reading

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