Seventh Planet Sensation on Autumnal Equinox

I am excited about the coming weekend.  I love the switch from Summer to Autumn.  But I’m delighted to make it a special occasion by finding and observing Uranus, thanks to it’s rare and unusual close proximity to a star of nearly equal brightness in the constellation Pisces.  If I had very dark skies, I might be able to see the seventh planet without aid, but binoculars will help separate the planet from the star and a telescope at 100x magnification will show even more differences between them.

Click here or a great video on how to observe Uranus this week, and for some history on the discovery of the planet by William Hershcel, with the assistance of his sister, Caroline.


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2 Responses to Seventh Planet Sensation on Autumnal Equinox

  1. richardbyers says:

    I have seen Uranus, however from my home that area of sky is covered by a forest, which is annoying given i live in the country so have dark skies. On the bright side jupiter is rising and deep sky viewing is getting ever better.

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