Voted Early, But Not Often

My husband and I took advantage of early voting in our county this evening.  For this entire week, Leavenworth County, Kansas offered citizens the opportunity to vote early in a basement conference room at the county courthouse, staying open late until seven o’clock.  No mess, no fuss, no lines.  We were in and out of the courthouse in less than ten minutes.  It took us longer to read the signs and follow the posted directions to the conference room than it to do actually cast our ballots.

This is the first time I’ve ever voted early.  I’ve never even voted via an absentee ballot in the past.  I’ve always managed to be home (not traveling) on election day.  I’m very happy with the early voting process and plan to take advantage of it in future elections.

Now if I could just find and install a political ad-blocking application on my television and Facebook feed for the next few days, I’d been in heaven.


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