unHappy unHolidays

I walked into my building’s lobby yesterday morning, returning from more than a week of vacation in Texas, completely oblivious to the unHoliday decorations sprouting around me.  That is until I stood idly waiting for an elevator to arrive to whisk me vertically to my floor and found this assaulting my eyes:

unHoliday Decorations 2012

I must admit, compared to last year’s lobby largesse, this year’s decorations are a slight improvement, but seem to be a return to the first year (being 2010) metal montage. Then the building launched it’s crusade to snuff out any resemblance to traditional Christmas heraldry.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the last three years worth of unholiday spirit on display in the building lobby:

unHoliday Decorations 2010

unHoliday Decorations 2010

unHoliday Decorations 2012

unHoliday Decorations 2012

unHoliday Decorations 2011

unHoliday Decorations 2011

All I can say is at least this year’s metallic monstrosity matches the color scheme near the garage access elevators:

unHoliday Decorations 2012

Thank goodness for my two daily stops at Hallmark, where I can bask in the warmth of a more traditional Christmas spirit on display, spreading Peace, Love and Joy indiscriminately.


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