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Space Weather with Dr. Patterson

My father and I drove to UMKC Saturday evening to attend the first club meeting of 2013 for the Astronomical Society of Kansas City. We went an hour early to take in Astro 101 (topic: telescope mounts). After sifting through … Continue reading

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Refuting the Luddite Fallacy

I read three long articles this week, authored by journalists from the Associated Press.  Normally, I scoff at FUD, especially as it pertains to technology, and specifically computers.  I’ve spent the lion’s share of my life in communion with bits … Continue reading

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Ides of Dragon-uary

I finished something on the Ides of January that I started nearly two dozen years ago, literally half a lifetime for me, or two turns of the Wheel of Time as respects the Year of the Dragon. I know, I … Continue reading

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Shadow Box Racing Memories

Just after Epiphany, Terry received a large box from our daughter containing two gifts. The largest one, shown at right, displays all three tickets and several cutouts from the program, memorializing our trip to the United States Grand Prix last … Continue reading

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Noir from Page to Screen – Signature Event Lecture by Mitch Brian

I sent an e-mail to my husband over lunch on Wednesday, asking if he wanted to accompany me to a lecture at the Central library branch that evening.  I hadn’t heard back from him by the time I left work … Continue reading

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The End … Finally

I came home to a pleasant surprise Monday evening (January 7, 2012), delivered by my friendly postal employee.  I received my signed first edition hardcover copy of A Memory of Light one day early, the day before the official release: … Continue reading

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Kansas City Public Library 2013 Adult Winter Reading Program ~ While the City Sleeps

After reviewing the suggested reading list for the adult winter reading program, “While the City Sleeps,” I only found three items of interest to me personally.  This does not mean you won’t find something that appeals to your tastes.  I … Continue reading

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