Kansas City Public Library 2013 Adult Winter Reading Program ~ While the City Sleeps

After reviewing the suggested reading list for the adult winter reading program, “While the City Sleeps,” I only found three items of interest to me personally.  This does not mean you won’t find something that appeals to your tastes.  I added the following three titles to my ‘to-read’ queue:

I will probably skip the signature events this time around, but will try to make the book discussion in mid-February for Night Circus. I thought about attending the showing of the movie Apollo 13, but decided against it because it’s not at the Plaza Branch (which has a wonderful auditorium).  Besides, I own the DVD.  I’d just miss out on the book discussion for Lost Moon.

This will make my fourth (or possibly fifth) consecutive winter reading program with the Kansas City Public Library.  I can’t wait to see what kind of mug I will add to my growing collection once I turn in my reading log.


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Avid reader (see my book reviews and ratings here), amateur astronomer and photographer, sporadic crocheter and Rottweiler spoiler.
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2 Responses to Kansas City Public Library 2013 Adult Winter Reading Program ~ While the City Sleeps

  1. I signed up for this one too! I enjoyed it so much last year I decided to take it on again this year (my second). I thought about adding Night Circus, but I wanted to try to knock out more titles on my TBR before getting new books this year. Here’s my list: http://mylittleheartmelodies.com/book-challenges/2013-kc-library/ Good luck to you!

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