The End … Finally

I came home to a pleasant surprise Monday evening (January 7, 2012), delivered by my friendly postal employee.  I received my signed first edition hardcover copy of A Memory of Light one day early, the day before the official release:

First Edition Hardcover Received 1/7/2013

First Edition Hardcover Received 1/7/2013

First Edition Hardcover signed by Brandon received 1/7/2013

First Edition Hardcover signed by Brandon received 1/7/2013

As you can see in the photo above, Brandon aptly personalized my copy with the phrase ‘The End.’  I started reading this series twenty-three years ago and I nearly gave up hope, when Robert Jordan passed away, of ever reading the long prophesied Last Battle.  Soon, all my questions will be answered (or so I hope).

I stayed up two hours past my normal bed time to read the prologue and the first six chapters.  I’ve read another six chapters since then and will read a couple more before falling asleep tonight.  I predict that by Sunday, I’ll be posting a review here of my thoughts on the longest, sprawliest epic fantasy series I’ve ever read and whether A Memory of Light was worth the wait (and the hype).


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4 Responses to The End … Finally

  1. M. Hatzel says:

    Nifty to stumble upon your post, because I gave up on the series, but I’ve always wondered if Jordan ever finished writing it. He has some really big ideas within. Looking forward to your review.

    • Thanks for stopping by (or stumbling upon) my blog post. I will definitely be writing a review here in a few days. I’m also leading a discussion (and read/re-read) of the entire series over at GoodReads. You’re welcome to pop in over there as well.

      Grace and Peace,


  2. My friend got me hooked on this series. I love/hate him for it. Congrats on the signed copy!

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