River of Stars by Guy Gavriel Kay

Kay’s latest book gets four stars from one of my favorite reviewers. River of Stars is on my ‘next ebook I buy’ short list.

Far Beyond Reality

RiverofStarsIt would be wrong to call Guy Gavriel Kay’s new novel River of Stars a sequel to 2010’s Under Heaven. As Mr. Kay recently said in an interview I conducted with him: “If someone wrote a book about 16th century Italy (think, Renaissance) and another about Garibaldi in the 19th century, would we be discussing how they were similar or different, 400 years apart?”

It’s true: yes, these novels share the setting of Kitai, a fantasy version of China that’s, as the author likes to say, “a quarter turn to the fantastic” from history as we know it. However, they’re also set several centuries apart, changing the focus from the Tang Dynasty period to the very different Song Dynasty. They’re different in terms of main characters and thematic focus. They are entirely different novels, aside from both being set in Kitai and, of course, having been written by…

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