Time for Tea in Kansas City

I am definitely going to visit the Japanese Tea Room and Garden at Loose Park.

I also wanted to remind my local readers (in the Leavenworth/Lansing area) that we have our own wonderful source for all things tea (and British) at Queen’s Pantry.


Bon Appetit Magazine called “tea the new coffee”, in their list of food trends for 2013, so it should come as no surprise that tea is establishing itself in Kansas City, as well. Guest blogger Jenny Vegara (@jvergara) is here to help you play catch up as about 160 million Americans drink tea on any given day.

See, we, as Americans, have a confusing relationship with tea. Served hot, tea is viewed as the drink of other people from other lands. It is an Asian tradition steeped in history and ceremony or it’s that hour in the day when the British reserve time for just a spot of it. Served chilled, however, iced tea is a whole other story in this country. It is what many Americans drink with lunch or dinner. Sweet tea is what people all across the south like to drink instead of soda with…

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