The 10 SF/F Works That Meant the Most to Me

Most of these I’ve read, and I agree with Scalzi’s endorsements. The few I haven’t read will soon be on my wishlist.


For no particular reason other than I want to, and because tomorrow marks the 12th anniversary of my very first pro publication in science fiction, here’s a list of the ten science fiction and fantasy works that meant the most to me before I was professionally published as a science fiction writer — with additional Honorable Mentions following.

What does “meant the most to me” mean? Pretty much what it says — that these works are the works I returned to again and again as pieces of writing, as stories, and as experiences. I’m not interested in arguing whether these books and works are the “best”; I couldn’t possibly care about that. I am interested in explaining why they mean as much as they do to me.

The list is arranged alphabetically rather than by rank, because, honestly, I really wouldn’t know how to rank them.

1. Always Coming…

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