Vote For Someone Else for the First Round of the Goodreads Choice Awards 2013

I dud not vote for Scalzi’s The Human Division, even though I thought it was a great addition to the Old Man’s War universe. Instead, I wrote in a nomination and voted for the exceptional debut space opera Ancillary Justice.


So, apparently The Human Division has been selected for the first round of the Goodreads Choice Awards, in the science fiction category. Which is very cool; I’m chuffed the folks at Goodreads are saying the novel is one of the best SF books of the year. Thank you.

That said, you know what? At the moment I’m not feeling a huge need to try to convince you all that you need to run over and vote for me now now now right now. 2013 was a fine year for me, awards-wise. I’m okay with spreading the love around for the rest of year. I’ll catch up with it all in 2014.

Also, to be blunt, the Goodreads Choice Awards has three rounds of voting in the space of a month, and wants all of us nominees to spend a lot of time and energy exhorting everyone we know to…

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