Early Bird Catches Comet

I’m an early riser.  I’m always up before the sun.  Some mornings, like this morning, I wake up to obscured skies, clouds reflecting the ruddy golden light of Kansas City in the southeast from my bedroom window.

Even though rain and snow is predicted for today, I should be able to try catching Comet Ison before dawn tomorrow (but I’d better bundle up and hope my binoculars don’t frost over!)


And I have one of my telescopes ‘standing by’ in the garage, ready to be deployed, because this comet has not turned out to be nearly as bright as what we’d hoped back when it was first spot in September 2012.

For more information on tracking the comet, visit this EarthSky article or this Astronomy magazine article “How to see Comet ISON this week — November 11-17, 2013.”


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Avid reader (see my book reviews and ratings here), amateur astronomer and photographer, sporadic crocheter and Rottweiler spoiler.
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