Article: On The Timeless Appeal Of ‘Calvin & Hobbes’

On The Timeless Appeal Of ‘Calvin & Hobbes’

And I noticed a recent blurb from Barnes & Noble that several collections if the comic are niw available in ebook format.

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2 Responses to Article: On The Timeless Appeal Of ‘Calvin & Hobbes’

  1. infectedmongoose says:

    thanks for sharing this link! i love Calvin and Hobbes, right from the G.R.O.S.S meetings to the philosophical conversations. Nice!

  2. infectedmongoose says:

    Reblogged this on The Mongoose Tales and commented:
    Calvin and Hobbes was, still is an integral part of my life. I enjoyed every little post, from the hilarious G.R.O.S.S endeavours to Rosalind’s baby-sitting mishaps, to Spaceman Spiff, to the philosophical conversations they shared. Check out the link given in this post, it really describes the entire collection. Thanks!

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