Master of Whitestorm by Janny Wurts

Far Beyond Reality

Master of WhitestormAs Master of Whitestorm starts off, Haldeth, a blacksmith turned galley slave, gets involved in an escape attempt by his mysterious and silent bench mate—a man who quickly proves to have surprising skills and hidden depths. The two companions strike out together after their escape. The mysterious man, whose name is Korendir, takes on a number of mercenary missions. It quickly becomes clear that Korendir is, to put it mildly, very focused on gathering enough money to build an impregnable fortress on the cliffs of Whitestorm…

Master of Whitestorm, a standalone novel that has just been released in ebook format after being out of print for years, is an excellent example of Janny Wurts‘ gorgeous prose style and impressive storytelling skills. Initially an episodic story consisting of a number of separate “missions” Korendir undertakes, the novel gradually reveals an underlying thread that explains Korendir’s distinctive personality (think Lethal Weapon

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