Book Review: The Smith of Wootton Major by Tolkien (4.5 Stars)

The Smith of Wootton Major
by J.R.R. Tolkien

4.5 out of 5 stars

Read in September 2009


Every twenty-four years in the village of Wootton Major a special edition of the The Feast of Good Children was held. This was a very special occasion and to celebrate it a Great Cake was prepared, to feed the twenty-four children who were invited. The cake was very sweet and rich and entirely covered in sugar icing. But inside there were some very strange ingredients and whoever swallowed one of them would gain the gift of entry into the Land of Faery…

My Thoughts:

Another treasure from Tolkien and one I will probably re-read again very soon.

A compact tail of Faery so descriptively fanciful that I myself almost became lost in the other worldly realm.

I highly recommend it.

GR Updates:

09/03/2009 page 1 1.35%
09/03/2009 page 32 43.24% “It’s a rare treat to read fresh Tolkien prose – new to me at least.”
09/03/2009 page 74 100.0%

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