Audiobook Review: King of Thorns by Lawrence (DNF)

KingOfThornsByLawrenceKing of Thorns by Mark Lawrence

Fantasy Book Club selection August 2013

Attempted to Read/Listen: August 2013


I tried reading, or rather listening, to this in August 2013 for the GoodReads Fantasy Book Club. We previously read Prince of Thorns as a group in October 2011 and I actually liked the first book of the series. But I had to give up listening at around twenty percent. I may come back to it at a later date, but right now I need something a lot less bleak.

GR Status Updates:

08/07/2013 marked as: currently-reading
08/07/2013 1.0%
08/08/2013 11.0% “Really struggling with getting back into this world. I think I need something less dark in my life right now.”
08/12/2013 18.0% “I am calling it quits on this one. I was forcing myself to listen and finding excuses not to.”
08/12/2013 marked as: abandoned

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1 Response to Audiobook Review: King of Thorns by Lawrence (DNF)

  1. Bookwraiths says:

    This book was not to my tastes either.

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