10 Shocking Ways the Second World War Could Have Ended Differently


A bunch of interesting WWII what ifs.

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One Response to 10 Shocking Ways the Second World War Could Have Ended Differently

  1. andreart2013 says:

    That list omits several other plausible scenarios. (Ignoring the war in the Pacific, which of course we couldn’t.) 1. Hitler could have made a separate peace with Britain in 1940, isolating Russia. Churchill wouldn’t have gone for it, but Lord Balfour (who was almost made PM rather than Churchill) might have. 2. We almost invaded France instead of Africa in 1943 and, had our lunch handed to us as Rommel did at Kasserine Pass. We weren’t ready. 3. Rather than invading Normandy, we might have landed in southern France, and may have been as successful, especially if we kept Hitler expecting an invasion of northern France. (It worked at Calais; why not Marseilles?)

    It’s kind of like gaming how the South might have won the Civil War. Plausible, but we’ll never know.

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