12 Things Only Music Majors Understand

Shout out to my daughter, who is wrapping up* her Masters in Vocal Performance this week.

I have one additional item to add to the list:  Vocal Performers must have an accompanist, which they pay for out of their own pockets.

And, rehearsals are required but again no credit hours applied.

* Update:  Rachelle passed her orals this morning!  Congratulations!

Thought Catalog

1. We will almost to a fault defend our beloved music professors.

We can discuss amongst ourselves their faults and lament how scatterbrained they are or how long they take to answer e-mails and return papers, but God forbid they get stuck teaching a general Music Appreciation class by the University and we hear a non-music major complaining about them, you will quickly see the claws come out because you obviously don’t understand how busy everyone in the Music Building is.

2. Yes, we have zero credit hour classes.

Yes, they require class time. It’s called convocation. We go and sit in recitals usually for an hour after studio classes are over and listen to our peers perform. This is required to graduate, and you will hear everyone complain about it. No one likes Convocation. No one.

3. We won’t be in the dorms at normal hours.

I regularly am…

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