Afternoon Dragons with Tea

Some of my favorites from a post at today entitled “Picturing Dragons”

by Jaime Jones

by Stephen Hickman

Another one by Jaime Jones. “This is one of those paintings that instantly places you there. Each time I see it, all I can think of is, ‘We are so screwed.’…and then I remember to admire the light, the composition….” — Irene Gallo

Uncredited but ‘it’s a painting of Huangdi’ — Irene Gallo

by John Howe, one of the great Tolkien artists

by Michael Pedro

A Flight of Sky Knights by Kekai Kotaki.

by Raoul Vitale … off adventuring

There are many more where these came from.

Now, where did I put my tea and the dragon to warm said tea back up with.


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  1. andreart2013 says:

    Nice. Thanks.

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