Watching (but not Hearing) the Retro Hugo Awards Ceremony

Technical difficulties again plagued the Ustream live video of a Hugo Awards ceremony.  Beautiful video, but no audio. Those of us in the audience were left with Tweet breadcrumbs from @LonCon3 on the hashtag #RetroHugos:

46 minutes into the ‘broadcast’ and still no sound . . .

Sound! Finally at 2:51 pm! Well, sort of. It’s like a microphone is in the back of the audience buried in someone’s scarf.

And the one I didn’t get an opportunity to read wins:

Connie Willis accepted the award for this one (and I picked it correctly).  Just wish I could have heard what she had to say:

And now for the big and final category … Best Novel of 1939:

Sigh. Ah, well. You can’t win them all.

Very frustrating viewing experience.  I hope that the folks at LonCon3 and Ustream get the bugs worked out before Sunday afternoon/evening for the even bigger 2014 Hugo Awards Ceremony.

Thanks to, here’s a nice post that wraps up the 1939 Retro Hugo Awards.


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