Mini-review: Ancillary Sword by Ann Leckie

I can’t wait to start reading this. I may have to ditch the other three novels I’m in the middle of just to return to Breq and the Radchaai Empire. Meanwhile, Stefan gives Ancillary Sword his highest recommendation.

Far Beyond Reality

AncillarySwordAnn Leckie’s stunning debut novel Ancillary Justice (my review) deservedly swept the major awards this year. To say that expectations for the sequel were high is an understatement, but, happily, Ancillary Sword meets those high expectations and then some. This is a novel that’s as good, if not better, than its predecessor.

It is, however, a very different novel in a number of ways. For one, the narrative is no longer split between two time lines: Ancillary Justice moved back and forth in time for most of its length, going from the story of Breq-as-Justice-of-Toren to the story of post-Justice-of-Toren-destruction Breq and back, thereby explaining how one led to the other and setting the scene for one of the most fascinating space operas I’ve read in years.

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