Loving My Neighbor

A reminder to myself and others.

The Golden Rule always.

As a Matter of Fancy

Living in the Word, pages 145-146
(Every Saturday for a few weeks I will shamelessly promote by posting an excerpt. I will rest Sunday and resume postings Mondays.)

You ask, why should I care about a bunch of infidel fanatics who are trying to blow up my country and kill me? These are my enemies. Or the illegal immigrants. Or the White, Black, Asian or Hispanic. Or this man or that woman.

No. Moslems are not your enemy. None of those people are your enemy.

Satan is your enemy. (Not even the world or your flesh. Those are the means by which Satan attacks you.) Those other people are under attack, just as you are.

Gerri Dickens said, “You can’t experience joy until you love your enemy.” Are you experiencing joy?

But, you say, they are my enemy.

No, they are your neighbor. Yes, some of them are still…

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