Being Thankful


As a Matter of Fancy

We have much to be thankful for:

relative peace,

relative freedom,

relative prosperity,

relative happiness.

Why not the absolute of those things? We rarely experience absolutes in this life, and then often just in passing. Not that everything is relative, but perfection is so rare.

So … (as they sing), “Let it go.”

Don’t let not being among the “one percent” blind you to all the good you do have. Don’t despair of your family because it isn’t like those in the old sitcoms. (No one wants to be in families the modern sitcoms display.) Yes, Americans are dying in far corners of the world, but we aren’t engaged in such a life-or-death struggle as World War Two (yet).

We aren’t perfect; our economy isn’t perfect; our politics aren’t perfect, but we still have much to be thankful for today.

I’m thankful.

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