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Short Film: Nightfall

Nightfall from Valentin Schwind on Vimeo. Incredible. Poignant. Heartbreaking. Dialogue is over rated. Thank goodness there isn’t any. Enjoy!

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Syfy’s Ascension Jumps The Shark In Its Very First Episode Meh.  I don’t need another police procedural in a fish bowl. Ugh. I began to suspect something was extremely fishy within the first couple of minutes. If it was really early 1960s, then the examining doctor would not be … Continue reading

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BigRead: Veteran Panel Discussion Video

  I had the pleasure of attending the Big Read Veteran Panel Discussion this past Tuesday at City Hall in Lansing, Kansas, a signature event for the Lansing Community Library‘s “The Things They Carried” Big Read.  

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Queen City Musicians: Support Rachelle Moss

Reposting this in a non-Facebook location for friends and family who do not have Facebook accounts.  For those of you new to my blog, Rachelle is my daughter. Queen City Musicians Become a Musicians Friend by supporting one of our … Continue reading

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Looking Like Christmas in Kansas City

You can always count on Hallmark and Crown Center to pull out all the stops at Christmas time.  I drive through the heart of Crown Center twice a day during my commute.  The December mornings are especially pretty in the … Continue reading

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Porthos Update: Walking

This past weekend wasn’t quite as rough as the previous one.  Porthos has fully recovered from his upper respiratory infection and is now eating like the Rottweiler I knew he was (i.e., if there’s a bowl of dog food handy, … Continue reading

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Introducing Porthos

My Thanksgiving break was supposed to be less stressful and more relaxing this year because Terry and I decided to 1) not travel to Texas and 2) not host relatives for dinner.  While my Thanksgiving day cooking was somewhat less … Continue reading

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