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Third Zucchini Closeup

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Last night, after walking and feeding the dogs, I let them out into the back yard as the sun was setting. Since the wind had died completely and the light was that perfect golden twilight time, I took a few photos of our summer container garden.  It has been a few days since I’d checked the interior of the zucchini plant (pictured above) and I quickly noticed the large yellowish-green bloom.

This morning, as I was watering the plants, it was hard to miss this bright beautiful yellow zucchini blossom among the green leaves of the rest of the plant:

Zucchini Bloom

I’m thrilled this zucchini is doing so well.  I have no experience growing a squash.  Growing up in rural Leavenworth County, Kansas, I became familiar with growing corn, potatoes, cucumbers, radishes, onions, green beans and of course tomatoes.

But I am the worst gardener in the history of gardening.  I often joke that I have a black thumb but I married someone with an exceptionally verdigris thumb.  Terry follows along behind me and mitigates any horticultural damage I leave in my wake.

Second Zucchini Blossoum Closeup

I’ve developed a love of zucchini over the last few years so I’m very excited to see this zucchini home gardening experiment doing so well despite my gardening handicaps.

And last night I finally saw some baby heirloom tomatoes!


And there are many baby jalapenos:


And for once, the Rottweilers (Lexy and Porthos) are not grazing on the plants (don’t ask).

Zucchini, Jalapenoes and Tomatoes

From left to right: zucchini, jalapenos, Porthos, heirloom tomato.

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