Trying Something New

This blog passed it’s nine year anniversary earlier this month.  Nine years ago, I rekindled my passion for amateur astronomy and photography, but along the way I decided to also review books and movies.  Then I thought returning to college to finish my degree was a good idea and my blog languished, neglected for most of the last couple of years.

My work life has also ramped up during the same time period, leaving me less time to write.  I had to give up something, and I refuse to give up reading, so writing was sacrificed.  But a recent project at work forced me to take a crash course in cloud computing (Microsoft’s Azure) which gave me a taste of the pros and cons of that environment. After discussing my thoughts with my son, who is a developer, I took his advice and created a Digital Ocean account to see if it’s a cost effective alternative to my aging hardware at home.

In less than two days, I stood up my own WordPress Droplet and exported/imported this blog into it’s new home.  To see my first post at the new site, please follow this link.

For now, I’m just dipping my toes in the Digital Ocean, so this current blog will remain active.  I want to see if this approach is cost-effective.  Moving away from this ‘free’ site hosted by WordPress, has pros (no ads!) and cons (actually costs money), so I’m going to take this slow and monitor usage.

I welcome your thoughts and comments, especially if you have already been down this road and have any insights, tips and tricks you’d like to share.

About mossjon314159

Avid reader (see my book reviews and ratings here), amateur astronomer and photographer, sporadic crocheter and Rottweiler spoiler.
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