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Doomed to Repeat Alternate History?

Why You Should Be Watching The Man in the High Castle – Meeting violence with violence doesn’t show strength: it inspires more violence. I’ve been reading a lot if World War One and Two books lately, most recently The … Continue reading

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ASOD: Nebulae in Oils

The Astronomy Sketch of the Day from Monday, February 24, 2014, caught my eye this morning as I perused my various and varied news feeds.  The artist, Greg Wing, used graphite pencil sketch on canvas overlaid with oil paints to … Continue reading

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Remebering Roxy: Mother’s Day 2007

Five years ago, my daughter, Rachelle, wrapped up her senior year of high school.   This year, the day before Mother’s Day, she graduates from college, which is probably the best present a mother could ever receive and I am truly thankful Rachelle … Continue reading

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