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Absolute Magnitude Luminates Absolutely

This week I want to discuss “What might cause the closer of two identical stars to appear dimmer than the farther one?” Apparent Magnitude: A measurement of the brightness of stars without regard to their distance from Earth. The scale … Continue reading

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Autumn Arrives and Adventures in Astronomical Observing

Autumn arrived mid-week here in the Heart of America, but you wouldn’t have known it by looking at the weather forecast:  Mid 90s and moderately high humidity.  Also with the change of the seasons, I retired my FitBit Charge (or … Continue reading

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Grande Finale to a Grand Weekend

I’m amazed at how much I accomplished this past weekend, especially considering my husband had major surgery less than three weeks ago. Friday Evening Friday night was our first venture out on a ‘date’ since the surgery.  I signed up … Continue reading

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Tonight’s Adventure in Star Gazing with the Public

Tonight is my first night this year as a volunteer of the Astronomical Society of Kansas City in our public outreach efforts to introduce astronomical observing to the public.  Every Saturday night in May and through the end of October, … Continue reading

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Hubble’s high-definition panoramic view of the Andromeda Galaxy |

Mega coolness! Never before have astronomers been able to see individual stars inside an external spiral galaxy over such a large contiguous area. Hubble’s high-definition panoramic view of the Andromeda Galaxy |

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18.263k days or .5c yrs

Good morning! And Happy Birthday to myself.  I’ve crossed over.  I’ve reached another dreaded milestone.  Today is the first day of my fifth decade. To make myself feel better about this dubious event, I’ve reverted to two of my favorite … Continue reading

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Bright Supernova in M82 – Homepage Observing – More info from the other astronomy periodical. Posted from WordPress for Android via my Samsung smartphone. Please excuse any misspellings. Ciao, Jon

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