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That red dude between Earth and Jupiter (and the asteroid belt)

Gas Giant Genesis

Which giant planet formed first? Short answer:  Jupiter Long answer:  Still Jupiter, but let’s dive in and take a more detailed look. Birth of a Gas Giant A long time ago in a solar system very near you, just 1 … Continue reading

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Autumn Arrives and Adventures in Astronomical Observing

Autumn arrived mid-week here in the Heart of America, but you wouldn’t have known it by looking at the weather forecast:  Mid 90s and moderately high humidity.  Also with the change of the seasons, I retired my FitBit Charge (or … Continue reading

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WorldCon Withdrawals

Despite what my husband thinks, I have not over-dosed on science fiction since last Wednesday when the 74th World Science Fiction Convention (commonly referred to as WorldCon) arrived for the second time in Kansas City, Missouri.  MidAmeriCon II ended yesterday … Continue reading

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Tonight’s Adventure in Star Gazing with the Public

Tonight is my first night this year as a volunteer of the Astronomical Society of Kansas City in our public outreach efforts to introduce astronomical observing to the public.  Every Saturday night in May and through the end of October, … Continue reading

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Look West After Sunset Tomorrow Evening

I probably won’t get to see this.  Snow is forecast for this afternoon in the KC metro area and continuing cloud cover for the next couple of days.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed and my eyes on the western horizon … Continue reading

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The Seven Wonders of the Solar System Some suggestions for a superlative list of solar system wonders. My list off the top of my head: 1. Saturn’s rings 2. Jupiter’s red spot 3. Mars’ Olympic Mons 4. Io 5. Titan 6. Uranus for being axially contrary … Continue reading

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Article: Google Just Added Maps For Mars And The Moon, And The Level Of Detail Is Stunning

Google Just Added Maps For Mars And The Moon, And The Level Of Detail Is Stunning I wonder how long before Mercury will be added to the list?  Or perhaps the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Posted from WordPress … Continue reading

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Moon Passes Near Both Mars and Saturn this Week

Yesterday, I saw a post via Sky & Telescope’s Facebook feed that reminded me to get out my telescope. This week, starting tomorrow, you don’t need a telescope to see something amazing. Saturday after sunset, look to the south to … Continue reading

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Find an Island of Stars at Powell Obsevatory Tomorrow Night

A quick shout-out to everyone in the Kansas City metro area to come on down to the Powell Observatory tomorrow night. Our scheduled program is entitled “Island of Stars” and the weather looks very promising. I volunteer as part of … Continue reading

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Tom J Martinez PhotoBlog: Blood Moon and Great Blue Heron Fellow ASKC member and astrophotography Tom Martinez relates his recent adventures with the Blood Moon and Blue Heron. Posted from WordPress for Android via my Samsung smartphone. Please excuse any misspellings. Ciao, Jon

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