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Autumn Arrives and Adventures in Astronomical Observing

Autumn arrived mid-week here in the Heart of America, but you wouldn’t have known it by looking at the weather forecast:  Mid 90s and moderately high humidity.  Also with the change of the seasons, I retired my FitBit Charge (or … Continue reading

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Full Moon Merry Christmas

Tomorrow, just after six o’clock in the morning and just as the sun is rising, we’ll experience the first full moon to occur on Christmas Day since 1977.  I wasn’t even in high school yet in 1977 (although my husband … Continue reading

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Venus Dives Past Saturn

Twelve degrees Fahrenheit this morning as I setup the tripod and camera for the third pre-dawn photo shoot of Saturn and Venus.  Completely calm, unlike yesterday morning, so no jiggles to the camera, beyond my fumbling numb fingers.  I opted … Continue reading

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Begining of the End

I learned last night at the November general meeting of the Astronomical Society of Kansas City that we have just fifty days (forty-nine as I write this blog) until the end of a Mayan age (the 13th Bak’tun).  More commonly … Continue reading

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Teapot Steam

My dad contacted me Thursday to coordinate conveyances for our weekend astronomical adventure, thinking we would be attending the monthly ASKC club meeting, but he was a week early. Since I had mentioned earlier in the week a desire to … Continue reading

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Heat Bubble Bursts Just in Time for Summer Stargazing

Saturday evening I headed south to Louisburg to volunteer for my second scheduled night of the 2012 Powell Observatory public season.  My dad decided to tag along, to enjoy the show and help keep me awake for the long drive … Continue reading

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Meteor Sprinkles Likely

My husband is a night owl.  Ironic, since I’m the one with the astronomy bug, but can’t seem to keep my eyes open after nine o’clock.  Saturday evening, Terry went over to a friend’s house to watch the latest UFC … Continue reading

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Party with the Stars

Even though Friday dawned overcast and gloomy, by noon, I could see bits of blue among the dissolving puffs of grey and white.  I received an early confirmation e-mail from ASKC announcing the ‘go live’ time for the astronomy club’s … Continue reading

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Dark of the Moon, Light of the City

After weeks of overcast, I couldn’t believe my eyes on the commute home yesterday.  A clear blue sky with little to no haze and not a single cloud to be found.  Waiting for the sun to set never seemed to … Continue reading

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All Dogs Go To Heaven or Is That Heavenly Dogs?

I rode the astronomical roller coaster yesterday.   I started Wednesday with an e-mail from Celestron warning me of a week delay in shipping my new finderscope.  Since the forecast for the rest of the week looked thunderous, I shrugged my … Continue reading

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