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Let’s TALK About ‘A Little Princess’

This week the Lansing Community Library Adult book discussion group meets for the second in a three-part series on reading “Children’s Classics,” a Talk About Literature in Kansas (TALK) program sponsored by the Kansas Humanities Council (KHC).  KHC furnishes the … Continue reading

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The Death of Free-Range Parenting

Fascinating article I read this morning thanks to NPR’s feed: Why Do We Judge Parents For Putting Kids at Perceived – But Unreal – Risk? I’ve seen this materialize with my own eyes of the last 30-40 years.  I became … Continue reading

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A 5-Year-Old Worries Voyager Will Get Lonely, Receives Best Answer Ever

http://io9.com/a-5-year-old-worries-voyager-will-get-lonely-receives-1639256314 All together now on three … 1 … 2 … 3 … “Ah!” Dialing back the cuteness entered now.  Enjoy!

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