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Ups and Downs of Reading Habits

I remembered to export my GoodReads book catalog earlier this week.  I’ve been forgetful for several months and the hot topic at work lately has been DR (disaster recovery).  So, practicing what I preach, I ‘backed up’ my book catalog … Continue reading

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Nook Color Grounded; Can’t Come Out and Google Play

Barnes & Noble announced a couple of days ago that the latest editions of their ereader tablet, the Nook HD and HD+, would receive a software update that included the addition of the Google Play app store.  I was not … Continue reading

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Book Review: Cat’s Cradle by Vonnegut

Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut My rating: 3 of 5 stars One of the first books I remember being ‘required’ to read in school (Middle School to be exact) happened to be Slaughterhouse-Five. Looking back, even though I had been … Continue reading

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Product/Service Review: OverDrive Media Console Nook App (Released 9/27/2012)

I can probably retire the post I wrote several months ago.  The one that included a flowchart of how to transfer a library ebook from your computer to your Nook.  I received so many calls from fellow Nook owners about … Continue reading

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Nook Color Software Update 1.4.3 (Released Jun/Jul 2012)

I woke up to a green ‘n’ yesterday morning in my Notification alerts on my Nook Color. Even though I use my Nook Color daily, I had no idea another software update was coming down the pipe. The last update … Continue reading

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Nook Color Software Update 1.4.2 (Released Feb/Mar 2012)

I woke up to a surprise this morning on my Nook Color.  I had a little green ‘n’ showing up in my alerts pop-up window.  Heh?  Why had I not heard anything about this update?  Perhaps, because even B&N didn’t … Continue reading

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Not Feeling Any Nook Love

The day after Valentine’s Day, I received an e-mail from Barnes and Noble alerting me to the impending expiration of my B&N Membership and their exciting ‘new’ member benefits.  I clicked through the ‘ad’ and went directly to the Terms … Continue reading

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