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Sun Dogs on Snow Day

The day after the Kansas City metro area got nearly a foot of snow dumped on it, I ventured out to return to work.  Most of the local schools and some businesses remained closed that day, but not my employer … Continue reading

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Sunday Sunrise

I almost missed the sunrise this morning because I overdid it yesterday trying to contain my oak tree’s leaf largesse.  I ran out of leaf bags (two left over from last year plus ten more purchased this week from Home … Continue reading

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Overdue for a Sunrise

Happy Hump Day!

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Moon Venus Conjunction

Did you happen to look west-southwest last evening shortly after (or during) sunset? The Moon passed quite close to Venus. If I’d remembered a few minutes earlier, I probably could have seen Venus during daylight.

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Waning Moon Monday Sunrise

Weekend is over. Monday June 3rd starting out clear and chilly at 46 degrees. Good Morning!

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Comet and Crescent Moon Sail into the Sunset

You can tell it’s spring time in Kansas by my frustration with clouds and astronomical observing.  I don’t grumble much, so long as the clouds provide relief for our record drought, as they did last weekend with two days of … Continue reading

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Sunrise (Singular) for Groundhog Day

No repeats.  No snoozing to ‘You Got Me Babe’ from the alarm clock.  Just one single solitary sunrise to greet the groundhog last Saturday morning: I almost gave up on this sunrise. The clouds stayed a dismal grey until the … Continue reading

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