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Snipping Satellites

My husband and I resolved to reduce our home entertainment budget for 2019.  To that end, immediately after Thanksgiving and upon a couple of recommendations gleaned from various tech podcasts I subscribe to, I ordered a Roku Premiere+ and installed … Continue reading

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A Mid-Summer Night’s Streaming

This past week I took a break from watching movies I’d requested through my local library (see my previous post about dumping my Netflix DVD subscription) and switched to streaming two new (to us) science fiction series via Amazon Prime. … Continue reading

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Watching the Hugo Finalists for 2017

Similar to my previous post, I’ll be updating this one as I get a chance to watch the finalist in both of these categories.  Long Form is going to be my most difficult ranking of any of the Hugo finalists.  … Continue reading

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Late Fall Cord Cutting Viewer Update

I’m ever so close to cutting that cord to my satellite provider.  I watched only two shows this fall via my DVR rather than through an app or service. Television Series: Arrow (first season via Netflix) — 3.5 stars The … Continue reading

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Best Home Alarm System: Man’s Best Friend

In my search for different and interesting ‘small screen’ series to sample, I stumbled upon a couple of good ones recently:  Human Target (from 2010 but cancelled after second season) and The Fall (from 2013 with three seasons to date).  … Continue reading

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Stranger Things than the Americans

About a month ago, I realized my Netflix queue was thinning out.  And at about the same time, I finished watching the second season of Manhattan, which I knew had been cancelled but still felt compelled to completely watch what … Continue reading

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Vanishing Addendum of DVR Highlights

Continuing in the vein of my previous post, I haven’t completely neglected my DVR this January, although it is my last resort for entertainment (see my reference to inferior HD quality provided by satellite subscription). This week brought back the … Continue reading

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Syfy’s Ascension Jumps The Shark In Its Very First Episode

http://io9.com/syfys-ascension-jumps-the-shark-in-its-very-first-episo-1671860541 Meh.  I don’t need another police procedural in a fish bowl. Ugh. I began to suspect something was extremely fishy within the first couple of minutes. If it was really early 1960s, then the examining doctor would not be … Continue reading

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Syfy Basically Admits They Screwed Up

http://io9.com/syfy-basically-admits-they-screwed-up-1651974076 Well, duh.  It’s about time Syfy got back in the game. The only show I watched last year was Helix and it was just okay. Looking forward to some better SF coming down the pipe Posted from WordPress for … Continue reading

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Kirk Got Something Right

According to io9, Captain Kirk is right when it comes to diplomacy, despite (or because of) his bad press. Kirk, in particular, comes in for a lot of bad press, as a captain whose life gets horizontal in ways that … Continue reading

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